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Dermal Fillers for Line Reduction and Line Correction

Dermal fillers are ideal for a whole range of treatments.  The products are very versatile in lifting and reshaping features and can provide a natural and long lasting Look.  Depending on the area being treated you can expect the product to last between 3-12 months. They are safe act quickly and effectively and are natural products made up of HA (Hyaluronic Acid) molecules which are naturally  manufactured by our bodies, however as we age the production of them diminish.  This product is broken down and naturally absorbed by the body.  There is also  an antidote for these fillers called hyaluronidase which is a soluble enzyme which when injected locally into the area of filler will dissolve it completely.  Instances to use this are rare but can include;

  1. Being overfilled and area not looking pleasing

  2. Superficial lumps and granuloma formation post injections 

  3. Allergic reaction and extensive swelling to some contents of the product

  4. Rare cases of vascular compromise   

Dermal Fillers for Line Reduction and Line Correction: My Services
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