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Dermal Fillers and BoTa  injectable therapies for line reduction . 
Skin restoration and Lip augmentation
ANP and Nurse Prescriber

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Lip Augmentation

Mad March Deals!!! Usual price for 1.1ml of demal filler is usually £160.  Offer is half price including consultation and review

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Dermal Fillers for Line Reduction

Mad March Offer Mainly for the lower third of the face. Prices start from £79.00 but varies depending on how much filler is used.


BoTa (Botulinum Toxin A)

Top Product and Industry Gold Standard for wrinkle reduction mainly used in the upper third of the face.  Excellent for fine lines around the eyes and moderately deep lines of the forehead and frown lines.  Prices vary depending on number of areas treated but starts at £ 99.00 for one area, prices reduced if having 2 or 3  areas treated.  Includes consultation and review and free top up of product if required

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Nurse Prescribing Service to Medics and Non Medics

Providing Medical Review of your Clients
Clinical oversight and support
Product Prescriptions
Standard Rates Apply Please contact for further information.  Happy to travel if required


07944 632384

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